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Passenger Elevators

Intelligent Eco-Efficiency

For over 20 years Going Up has been at the leading edge of elevator innovation. Rapid development of the eco-efficient, intelligent elevator system has resulted in the GEC range of elevators. Compact, fast, smooth and quiet, the GEC will exceed your performance expectations.

The standard range provides for 2 to 27 passengers and meets all BCA and limited mobility requirements. Larger custom lifts are also readily available. This advanced technology is also available in Overhead Traction, Machine room-less and hydraulic. No one type of elevator suits all applications, that’s why we have a complete range.

Our passenger lifts provide ride comfort and convenience to ensure that travel within your building is efficient for homeowners, tenants, office workers and visitors.

At GoingUp, we ensure that our vertical transport products integrate seamlessly into the design of your new or existing residential building.

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